Pin Group

We are a strong group continuously in evolution. We believe in quality, reliability and in people importance.

Our guideline is to offer optimization, in terms of product, time and costs, inside the plastic processing industry. We can pursue this goal thanks to a strong investment power, a deep knowledge of market, new techniques and high specialization in each field.

PIN GROUP structure is strictly connected to its function. Every division, even if autonomous, is integrated and cooperates with the others in order to offer the best solutions and quickly answer to the market needs. This “multiple-unit” permits us to use our know-how and experience in the best way we can.

We are able to accompany our customers in each processing phase of the plastic products manufactory and rubber products manufactory and we can offer a complete range of plastic and rubber products which can be personalised too, and high quality items ready to be sold.

Our numbers: we have more than 15.000 square meters of productive plants and we use more than 16.000 tons of raw material every year. In our moulding divisions we use more than 2.500 moulds.