Together, from idea to finished product

The specific know-how and a strong technical and production expertise in the plastic processing industry permit us to accompany you along all the production phases of the plastic moulding manufactury: from the idea to the realisation. Innovation, flexibility and a strict relationship with the customer are the values which guide us
in order to offer you reliable and quality products at the best quality/price ratio.



New generation technologies, new raw materials and investments in research fields are essential in order to be always updated on the latest news of the market. We cooperate with qualified technical consultants, designers and selected suppliers in order to offer the most accurate analysis and propose a wide range of personalised solutions which can be personalised too, both from functional and aesthetical point of view.

Special raw materials

We search for the most suitable materials through the research and monitoring the market proposals. In addition to polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) and polyamide (PA), we use raw materials as polycarbonate (PC), polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG), polyoximethylene (POM), thermoplastc rubbers (TPE) and thermosetting rubbers (NBR, SBR, EPDM), reinforced with additives too. We can make the surface of your products glittered, metallized, chromed or soft-touch.


We are the connection between customer and mold maker. We use our experience in order to optimise every offers, in terms of products, time and costs paying attention on functional and aesthetical needs of each plan, raw materials characteristics and mould makers production needs.


Prototypes are fundamental in every plan. They have to observe as much as possible the physical and mechanical characteristics of the item, before starting the serial production. Experience and deep knowledge give us the possibility to optimise our offer also during the prototyping phase in order to foresee and manage the possible problemes with promptness and competence.

For this, we use numerous prototyping techniques and we listen to the different customers’ needs, in order to direct them towards the most suitable technique and material (such as ABS, polyamide and polyurethane). Every decision is based, in fact, on the type and quantity of models to be made.

Our goal is to create the vey best prototype for each project, in terms of quality and functionality.

Mould design and mould making

Thanks to our qualification, to the worth-value partnerships and to the usage of a forefront software, we help our customers to study and develop well-finished moulds in order to reduce maintenance costs at the minimum. We have also an equipped job-shop that can make mould modifications or maintenance operations.