Quality produces satisfaction

As a leading company among plastic products manufacturers and rubber products manufacturers we offer all possible technologies both for plastic and rubber components in order to preserve a high quality level, high technical know-how and a wide range of solutions, personalised too and always at the forefront.
Discover all the technologies we use: injection moulding, blow moulding, vulcanization and extrusion.


Injection moulding

A complete and efficient division, with injection machines equipped with manipulators and with a tonnage that goes from 55tons up to 1800 tons in order to produce huge items. In our production department of more than 2500 square meters we use over-injection and gas aided injection too. This technology gives us the possibility to produce hollow items when it is not possible to do with traditional injection.

Blow moulding

It is a process which is suitable for producing hollow items with thin walls and for keeping the costs reduced.

Our blow moulding machines can produce items up to a capacity of 120l. We have tools and robots able to create trimmed, welded or assembled items. We are specialized in: components and finished products made with high density polyethylene (PEHD), ethylene-propylene-diene rubber (EPDM) and polystyrene.


Vulcanization is a particular production technology which uses rubber to create items with a high resistance and a high elasticity. We produce more than 150.000 bumpers and more than 200.000 fairleads every year. Besides, if necessary, we realise treatments that make rubber adhere to plastic or metal.


We extrude rods, sheets and tubes for a wide range of applications. We can make rods from a diameter of 20mm up to 300mm, sheets with a thickness that goes from a few millimeters up to some cenimeters.